Sunday, August 17, 2008

Goolwa beach shadows

I've seen many wonderful beaches in Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, but Goolwa beach in South Australia takes some beating. Better known for being close to the Murray Mouth and the Coorong, Goolwa boasts one the the most expansive beaches around. A constant swell from the Southern Ocean is always appreciated by the surfers and body-borders that go there. Amazingly, many South Australians are unaware of the beach here. Its a beach to be walked and there is no shortage of those who walk it. Often cocklers are to be seen with bare feet feeling for cockles in the wet sand with buckets in hand - its a colourful sight. I've painted this beach several times on large canvases, as the bigness of the place almost demands it be painted that way, with its large wall of sandhills, extra wide shallows and a beach the disappears into the ocean spray that looks etherial as it envelopes the distance in haze.

8"x4" Acrylic on canvas board

$150 + $10 postage to anywhere in the world

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A Reason to Paint said...

I'm enjoying your works Mike, your lively beach scenes and familiar descriptions make me long for Summer.