Sunday, August 31, 2008

Moonlight walkers

I freely admit to being fascinated with the sky, and no less so with a cloudy moonlit night. On the few occasions when the moon is high and soft fluffy clouds cross its path I have observed the colours and hoped to be able to paint it and convey the majesty of such times. The colour of the sky itself is another factor and not easy to fathom when looking at it. Its certainly not black or shades of pure grey. Combinations of paynes grey and cobalt blue seemed to work quite well. As a strict rule I never use pure white in daytime clouds - it just doesnt work, even a very slight tint of colour seems to do the trick. However, with the moonlit sky, no greater white light can be had than that of the moon and fringes of the cloud with the moon almost peeking out are certainly as white as white and I have painted it as such. This little study painting of only 7x5 inches caught what I wanted in a moonlit night at the wonderful Goolwa beach. Not that Ive walked there on such a night or the night at all but I used the reference photos I had taken in the day as a basis of a night scene. I have included a section of the sky of the larger painting below 120x180cm that is almost finished - its just what I was looking for in the clouds.

I hope one day that I will be able to catch such a scene in the flesh on one full moon night and just walk and revel in perhaps a once-in-a-life experience. I hope whoever buys the study painting and the larger work will share in that wonderful dream.
Moonlight beach walkers - 5"x7" canvas board. SOLD


A Reason to Paint said...

I love this Mike, especially that beautiful reflected gleam of light on the shoreline there.
This is a bit looser than your usual work too; I really like it.

Amanda van Gils said...

Mike I especially like the detail section you have shown. It's good to see you tackling the different light and seeing the freedom it gives you. Good work.

This Painting Life said...

Ah a moonlit beach, it stirs the heart, I like the feeling in this painting very much..

Takeyce said...

Beautifully done, Mike. Reminds me of a sweet memory.