Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From Grange to Henley Beach

The 25km or so of Adelaides beaches are punctuated by a series of jetties. All of them are different in some respect but they are all wonderful to walk along. Night or day there are always people there - fishing, walking or just taking in the fresh sea air that always seems so much more pronounced at the end of the jetty. From the now refurbished Largs jetty to the completely rebuilt and modern Brighton jetty, they all become a focal point. They provide a wonderful vantage point of the stretch of beach each side of them as well as provided often needed shade as the sun reaches its high-point in the middle of the day. The painting is taken from the middle of the Grange jetty looking toward the Henley jetty. Beyond Henley is the famous Glenelg beach and jetty. The hills in the background of those of the Seacliff area.
From Grange to Henley Beach - acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"

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