Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rain in Melbourne

I'd heard that it was always raining in Melbourne. So, I thought I was safe taking a flight there when the forecast was for a day of rain - I was after a camera full of rainy day Melbourne shots for future paintings. I arrived early morning to find that it was overcast but no signs of rain. Not to be discouraged, I walked around the city taking photos anyway and hoped that rain would eventuate before my bus trip home at 8.30pm. I'd almost given up hope and was hovering around the bus station when the heaven opened up - it was 7pm. Already hobbled with a day's walking around town, I dashed back into the city to take what shots I could within the hour I had. The downpour had caught everyone by suprise on December 23rd 2006. The man in the painting had his suit jacket over his head as he speared down Flinders Lane - it was certainly the most interesting shot I took and have already done a large painting of it. This little one is in preparation for another largish one soon. Needless to say that it was a rather uncomfortable trip home to Adelaide on the bus, but was happy with some of the shots I had.
Rain in Melbourne - Acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"
$200 + $10 postage worldwide
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