Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rain - Waymouth St, Adelaide

When it's raining in Adelaide, chances are you will see some dodgy looking fellow taking photos of cars, umbrellas and traffic lights. Don't be too concerned - it will more than likely be me looking for reflections and light that will one day make an interesting painting. I was lucky this day. The painting here is a simplified one that worked very well. Not only did it make the people's choice award at a local art show but it was also bought as a wedding present at the same show.
Rain - Waymouth St, Adelaide - acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"
$150 + $10 postage anywhere in the world.


This Painting Life said...

Mike, I really like this painting, great colour subtlety and brush strokes.

Amanda van Gils said...

This one has to be my favourite so far Mike. It reminds me very much of the early 20th century tonal painters (Max Meldrum, Clarice Beckett). It's great to see you tackling such a different mood and scene and handling it so beautifully.