Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sun and Rain - Melbourne

This little painting is one of a few exercises in using only a comparively large brush in relation to the canvas size. I put the smaller brushes away for this on in an attempt to keep the painting loose. Any detail has been added with the edge of the large brush. This is a study for a larger painting that was completed the same day and will be shown at the Port Adelaide Art Show in early January 2009. The subject matter is the joyful mix of sun and rain - of course joyful except if there is a cricket match to be played!
Sun and Rain - Melbourne - Acrylic on canvas board - 5"x7"


Pierre Raby said...

Great "atmosphere" study.
Just discovered your blog and I like
your work a lot.

Daniel Sanger said...

Oh this is my fav!!

A Reason to Paint said...

And it's even better IRL!