Saturday, November 22, 2008

After the rain - Melbourne

I'm not quite sure what part of Melbourne this was, but it was on a hill and there is a pub on the left. The man outside the pub was singing the praises of the rain as I walked past. It was the last working day before Christmas.
After the rain - Melbourne - Acrylic on canvas - 75x60cm
Available at Art Melbourne 09


Stefan Maguran said...

Love the touch of colour. The Lord Mayor of Adelaide was critical of your work because it shows Adelaide in a depressed mood, but you have to admit - Melbourne is the Arts capital of Australia - I think you've captured the Melbourne mood very well.

Mike Barr said...

Thanks Stefan.
To be fair, Michael Harbison left no stone unturned before delivering his opening remarks at my solo show back in May this year. He walked around each painting with me and I explained the whereabouts of each work etc. Then with that fresh in his mind he gave a very good account of the exhibition. He light-heartedly remarked that Adelaide would look better in the sunshine.. but I think it looks wonderful in the rain .. as does Melbourne. I think a rainy city is magical.
The Lord Mayor was very kind too in purchasing one of my major and favourite works 'Cockling on Goolwa Beach.