Saturday, December 20, 2008

Goolwa beach path

During a visit to my favourite beach I was loading the car to go home and saw how paintable the beach path was. The painting has a solitary feel to it and wonder if it needs a figure on the beach. Many people were on the beach searching for cockles. It was a wonderful sight with the wide reflective shallows coming in to play.
Goolwa beach path - Acrylic on linen - 120x90cm
Available at Art Melbourne 09


Pierre Raby said...

I love this piece Mike- this contrasts so much with our winter here on North. Movements of the sand- clouds formation- warm light...

Unknown said...

Beautiful indeed. I think is very good like that, without people, but hey, you are the artist and I'm sure it will look good with people as well.
Again, well done. Not far from having the money for Melbourne. I have to be there.

A Reason to Paint said...

Beautiful light in this one Mike.