Saturday, December 6, 2008


Acrylic portrait of Channel 7 TV personality John Riddell. It is from a photo taken at Artworx Gallery during an exhibition that he officially opened last month.
The difficulties in painting portraits in acrylic were quite apparent while painting but it was a good exercise.
John - Acrylic on canvas board 10x8"


Stefan Maguran said...

So hard to keep up with you - love your new explorations. I'm saving to go to Melbourne for your show. It will be one of the highlights of 2009.

A Reason to Paint said...

I didn't know you could do portraits Mike - very impressive!
Now when are you going to have a go at the Archibald?

Mike Barr said...

Thanks Stephan and Triecia.
Art Melbourne is certainly worth a visit as a vast array of artwork is on show. This year there are small artist booths too..of which I have one. Dont think it would be worth a trip to Melbourne to see..but ArtMelbourne is certainly worth a look.
As for portraits.. Im just fiddling at the moment and have been recently inspired by Bill Leaks efforts on Monday nights - he is more of a colour cartoonist than portrait artist I think. As for the archibald.. I may be a chance for that..the best portrait painters have no hope in winning it!