Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dinosaurs' picnic

If you go down to the beach today your sure of a big suprise....

This is most likely the only dinosaur painting I will ever do. The rules of the Waterhouse Prize in South Australia are that there are to be no signs of humans or man-made 'things'. Well, I wanted to do a beach painting but I also like activity, but of course the rules didnt allow for people. So, dinosaurs it was! The beach is Goolwa by the way. The painting itself has become somewhat of a curiosity in the few places it has been shown. Any reasonable offer will probably be accepted over $2000.
Dinosaurs' Picnic - acrylic on canvas - 150x100cm

Monday, June 29, 2009


The Adelaide Impressionists
Barr, Koppan, Ramachandran and Ritter
July 5-26
Royal South Australian Society of Arts gallery
Level 1, Institute Building, Cnr North Tce & Kintore Ave
The exhibition will be officially opened by
The Adelaide Lord Mayor - Michael Harbison
2.30pm Sunday July 5, 2009
All four artists to participate in demonstration afternoon Sunday July 19 - 1-3pm

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sorrento shadows

What a beautiful and largely unspoilt place Sorrento (Victoria, Australia) is - and what a good vantage point this was for a bight to eat and a view of the bay.
Sorrento shadows - Acrylic on canvas - 100x100cm
$2950 - Free delivery anywhere in Australia
Please email re payment details

Calling in sick

Spotted from Grange jetty a couple of years ago.
I thought the title just might be true!
Acrylic on canvas

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Semaphore revisited

This historic jetty at Semaphore in South Australia became a focus when I seriously starting painting about 5 years ago. I will revisit this beach again in a series of paintings for a new gallery venture in August this year.
Acrylic on board

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Afternoon regatta

A small study painting of a few favourite subjects: beaches, wide shallows busy with people, clouds and yachts. I wonder if there was such activity all going on at once in the world!
Afternoon Regatta - 9x6" on Reeves oil painting board - acrylic
$150 + $10 postage to anywhere in the world

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ocean breeze

A study painting in clouds and waves.
Painted on Reeves oil painting board, signed by the artist and ready to frame.
A unique gift and one of a kind anywhere in the world.
Ocean breeze - 9x6" acrylic
$150 + $10 postage anywhere in the world

Friday, June 19, 2009

Morning rain

Early morning rain sweeps across the landscape.
Morning rain - 90x90cm acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My clouds

When all else fails, clouds are there to fly into.
My clouds - 90x90cm acrylic on canvas

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lone surfer

There are lots of 'lone' surfers on Sunshine Beach. Many beaches have groups of surfers but this day there were smatterings of these lone surfers doing what they love.
Lone surfer - 70x70cm acrylic on canvas - $2500
Available at the Adelaide Impressionists Exhibition
July 5th - Royal South Australian Society of Arts
The exhibition features artists Hans Koppan, Alan Ramachandran, Mike Barr and Gerhard Ritter.
Have a look at Gerhard's new blog - http://ritterart.blogspot.com/

Autumn - Goolwa

The beach at Goolwa is perhaps even more a beach to go to in the cooler months. Not only are there whales to be seen from its sand-dune lookouts, but the beach is the ultimate walking beach.
Autumn - Goolwa - 70x70cm acrylic on canvas -

Surf play

There is something extra special about the beach and sky at Sunshine Beach in Queensland. These two surf dwellers are at play in the sparkling sea.
Surf play - 70x70cm acrylic on canvas - $2500
Available at 'The Adelaide Impressionists' exhibition
Royal South Australian Society of Arts - July 5th 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Winter beach

Winter beach - 20x20cm - acrylic on canvas

Winter storm

A storm approaches on the horizon. Yachts head for shelter!
Winter storm - 20x20cm - acrylic on canvas

Winter yachts

Winter yachts - acrylic on canvas - 20x20cm


Time to go home after a busy picnic at the Botanic Gardens Adelaide.
Picnic - 40x40cm - Acrylic on canvas

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beach Path II

Beach Path II - Acrylic on canvas - 70x70cm

Beach path I

A scene based on the amazing Goolwa Beach. I have painted this a number of times - each time a little different but still retaining the feel of one of Australia's best kept secrets.
Beach Path I - Acrylic on canvas - 70x70cm

Adelaide Plains from Golden Grove

I stopped the car while travelling up the Golden Grove road to take some photos of the view. My painting is darker than it actually was in real life but it catches the drama of the moment. It's been stormy all day and the storm itself painted this lovely sky.
Adelaide Plains from Golden Grove - Acrylic on canvas 100x50cm

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Late afternoon, Greenhill Road

The gum trees on Greenhill Road are among the beautiful in Adelaide. Even more so when they are illuminated by the late afternoon sun.
Late afternoon, Greenhill Road - Oil on canvas - 40x40cm