Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surf Collection

I was thrilled to receive this substantial book in the mail a few weeks ago. Titled the 'Surf Collection' it's one of the heaviest books you can imagine outside the realm of the Greater Oxford Dictionary. It comprises the greatest collection of surfing memorabilia ever put together by co-author and renowned archeologist of surfing, Gerard Decoster.
The book has no contents page and none of its 350 pages are numbered. It's a book to be dipped into without regard to order - each page is an entity and a discovery - a delight to anyone even remotely connected to surfing.
Gerard bought one of my paintings last year all the way from France and I am honoured that this very painting depecting a lone surfer heading for the last waves of the day at Coolum, made it into this historic work.
Thank you Gerard and well done on such a spendid publication.
See the link for more information on the book and its authors -


Ramesh Jhawar said...

Mike, your painting on the page looks terrific! Would like to see the original image.Thanks!

GĂ©rard said...

Aloha Mike
thanks for your comment!
to see the book and SurfingMemory activities, go to this link:
and here