Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Qantas overland

One of the first of a new series of aerial paintings. Inspired by Qantas flights across the amazing Australian landscape. Below is a verse I penned a few years ago that was inspired by the same scenes.
The Qantas Overland - acrylic on canvas - 150x90cm
Available at the Cathedral Art Show - Oct 2010

The Qantas Overland
I sipped my bottled water
And peered the depths below.
How big is this enormous land
With its dry and brazen glow?

Who carved that track - plumbline-straight
That feels toward the sea?
And every squared-off farming plot
As far as eyes can see?

Shadows made by fluffy whites
Vaunt their rainless form.
And skim across unborn crops
With hope of rain forlorn.

But there amid the burnished red,
In shades of silver-green.
A snaking line drawn in the dust
Is filled with liquid sheen.

A slender thread filled with life
An umbilical of sorts.
That feeds the roots of fruit and vine
And hedonist resorts.

It winds its way to the sea at last
To the Mouth east of the bluff.
A mouth that 's never ever filled
And filled not near enough.

Then as the plains turn into hills
And hills to roofs of tin.
I swigged my bottled water down
And thought on where I'd been.

Roads and crops and burning scrub
And serpent river bends.
Australia - our home - our life
And where our heart attends.

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Nancy Loh said...

Lovely verse on the awesome Australian landscape from high above..
And all your paintings are beautiful.