Sunday, November 21, 2010

Victor Harbor beach path

There are little gems like this along the esplanade but you have to look for them!
Victor Harbor beach path - acrylic on canvas - 40x30cm
Available at Artistic License - January 2011


Lindsey said...

loving your water treatment (lol) and the rain pictures - drenching!

Unknown said...

Wow! Just discovered your work. Wow! Love it! So much energy! Wow!
JL Kinsey

Snuff said...

I really love this one most of all the ones I have seen so far Mike. I love the simplicity but that I can feel the day.

Mike Barr said...

Thanks Lindsey, West Wind and Snuff.. all comments gratefully accepted. ;-)
Snuff, I think the simplest paintings seem to generatet the most atmosphere and mystery..