Thursday, April 14, 2011

Victor Sails wins at Camberwell

Victor Sails has won one of the major prizes - Best Work by an Artist Not Previously Awarded a Prize - at the Herald Sun Camberwell Rotary Art Show this year.
Victor Sails - 120x90cm acrylic/oil

ARTISTS' DEMO On Sat 16th April at about 2pm at the Campbelltown Rotary Art Show the old foursome is getting together to demonstrate what we do. I'll join Hans Koppan, Gerhard Ritter and Alan Ramachandran in a four way presentation that's always popular. Do come along - it's free.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Between the flags

This finished commissioned painting has now found its way to its new home at Glengowrie. It is based on a busy summer's day at Goolwa Beach, South Australia.
Between the flags - 180x90cm - acrylic on linen