Thursday, January 26, 2012

Water's back - Milang

Last weekend boats began to assemble at Milang to partake in the Milang to Goolwa Classic. The event has been impossible the last few years because of low river levels. The river is back and so is Milang, a delightful lake-side town that was in the doldrums has come to life again on Lake Alexandrina.
The furthest shore was not visible and it could have been a sea not a lake apart from the colour of the water. The browny-green of the water looked unique and surreal as yachts appeared on the horizon line and came into shore.
The holiday cabins on the shore near the jetty presented a happy image that just had to be painted!
Nearly 200 boats arrived at Milang and started off on the 50km sail to Goolwa the next day.

Sometimes we know how good it is to be alive - often just fleating moments. I have put this one down in paint and hope others can feel that too.

Water's back - Milang - acrylic on canvasboard - 40x30cm
Alexandrina Art Show - April 2012


Susan Roux said...

This is very nice. The composition and the feeling.

Kevin Mizner said...

Makes me want to be there! Beautiful painting.

The Happy Chance said...

Beautiful painting. Thanks for sharing!