Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Plein air at Victor Harbor

See the YouTube slide show here
I had two goes at this painting - you will notice that on the first photo with the title on it that it is different to the one shown in the slide show. This is because that first painting, unknown to me until I had nearly finished the work, was completed on the back of the canvas! I thought when I started to paint that it was a bit absorbent and promised myself to put another coat of gesso on the sheets in future. I really notice when I tried to do some fine lines and they turned out as blobs! Anyway, I really enjoyed the second painting featured in the slide show.

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Mark Zellner said...

So fascinating! Watched the video, it's awesome to see how such a basic canvas can be converted into a masterpiece. (I am creative, but not gifted in the paintbrush category)