Monday, October 7, 2013

Waymouth Rain

Waymouth Rain - acrylic on board - 30x30cm
See the youTube video


Teresa Dominici said...

Wonderful work, Mike!

Germaine said...

Love it!! Is this painting for sale? If so, where can I purchase it or other rain works?

Mike Barr said...

Thanks Germaine
This one has sold but I Have similar paintings at Artworx and at the David Sumner Gallery..see where to buy button near the top of the page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike, I checked those two websites but they only had a few paintings of yours displayed. There are so many of your rain paintings that I love and would love to own one. Is Puddles On Waymouth, Nostalgia, or Spring Showers Adelaide available anywhere? Germaine

Mike Barr said...

Hi Germaine
If you would live to give me your email address I can tell you what is available - artworx have about 10 of my rainy-day paitnings but none of them are on their website.
my email