Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sun and Rain - Melbourne

This little painting is one of a few exercises in using only a comparively large brush in relation to the canvas size. I put the smaller brushes away for this on in an attempt to keep the painting loose. Any detail has been added with the edge of the large brush. This is a study for a larger painting that was completed the same day and will be shown at the Port Adelaide Art Show in early January 2009. The subject matter is the joyful mix of sun and rain - of course joyful except if there is a cricket match to be played!
Sun and Rain - Melbourne - Acrylic on canvas board - 5"x7"

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last light - Coolum Beach

The sun is almost gone for the day, but the very last bit of light captures some of the walkers that have taken advantage of the balmy conditions and the beautiful wide shallows. Most of the beach is now in shade the setting sun catches some of the walkers and the surf as it rolls in.
Last light Coolum Beach - Acrylic on linen board - 5"x7"

Friday, September 26, 2008

Noosa Corner

The wonderful Sunshine beach in Queensland is bound on its northern side by the Noosa Corner as I call it. It's a fitting backdrop to wide beach and shallows of this amazing place.
Noosa Corner - Acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Midday clouds

On a hot summer's day even the clouds seem to labour under the heat. The clouds at this particular time of day seemed to be ejecting sunlight and heat instead of providing shade.
Midday clouds - Acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"
$200 + $10 postage worldwide

Monday, September 22, 2008

Melbourne awash

This is based on photos taken while I was over in Melbourne during Art Melbourne 07. Luckily I found a 30 minute park and dashed around taking photos before the time was up.
Melbourne awash - Acrylic on canvas board - 5"x7"
$200 + $10 postage worldwide
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spring at Semaphore

Even during spring it can be warmish at the beach and the jetty is an ideal way to keep cool. Coolness can be found underneath in the shade or walking on top in the breeze that comes off the sea. I've painted versions of this scene many times but this is the smallest painting of it. Being so small, it was painted more loosely than usual and has a plein air feel to it.
Spring at Semaphore - Acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rain in Melbourne

I'd heard that it was always raining in Melbourne. So, I thought I was safe taking a flight there when the forecast was for a day of rain - I was after a camera full of rainy day Melbourne shots for future paintings. I arrived early morning to find that it was overcast but no signs of rain. Not to be discouraged, I walked around the city taking photos anyway and hoped that rain would eventuate before my bus trip home at 8.30pm. I'd almost given up hope and was hovering around the bus station when the heaven opened up - it was 7pm. Already hobbled with a day's walking around town, I dashed back into the city to take what shots I could within the hour I had. The downpour had caught everyone by suprise on December 23rd 2006. The man in the painting had his suit jacket over his head as he speared down Flinders Lane - it was certainly the most interesting shot I took and have already done a large painting of it. This little one is in preparation for another largish one soon. Needless to say that it was a rather uncomfortable trip home to Adelaide on the bus, but was happy with some of the shots I had.
Rain in Melbourne - Acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"
$200 + $10 postage worldwide
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Road awash

It was no where near sunset but darkness enveloped Port Wakefield Road near Salisbury, South Australia, as a rain squal swept across from the sea. Visibility was perilously low but it made a spectical with tail lights and headlights shining like beacons in the waves of grey.
Road awash - Acrylic on canvas panel - 5"x7"
$200 + $10 postage worldwide


Yachties brave some worsening weather for their weekend fix on the water.
Largs Bay, South Australia

Shipmates - Acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

South of Semaphore Beach

Just after the famous Semaphore Jetty are wonderful stretches of beach with wide shallows. Just around the point that you can see in this painting you can see the distant Grange jetty - then onwards to the Henley and then Glenelg. It's a hefty but lovely walk specially during the cooler months.
South of Semaphore Beach - acrylic on linen board - 8"x4"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sun at Sunshine Beach

It was truly breath-taking to experience the warm of a beach in September. Not only so, but the beach itself is wonderful with it wide reflective shallows and the views toward Coolum on one side and hill on on Noosa corner on the other. Many reference photos were taken for painting later.
Sun at Sunshine Beach - acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From Grange to Henley Beach

The 25km or so of Adelaides beaches are punctuated by a series of jetties. All of them are different in some respect but they are all wonderful to walk along. Night or day there are always people there - fishing, walking or just taking in the fresh sea air that always seems so much more pronounced at the end of the jetty. From the now refurbished Largs jetty to the completely rebuilt and modern Brighton jetty, they all become a focal point. They provide a wonderful vantage point of the stretch of beach each side of them as well as provided often needed shade as the sun reaches its high-point in the middle of the day. The painting is taken from the middle of the Grange jetty looking toward the Henley jetty. Beyond Henley is the famous Glenelg beach and jetty. The hills in the background of those of the Seacliff area.
From Grange to Henley Beach - acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"

Painting blog pieces at the RSASA

The photos below show part of an exhibition I am a part of with four fellow artists at the Royal South Australian Society of Arts wonderful and historic gallery in Adelaide. My work is the recognisable blue stuff! As part of being in the Society's exhibition Ive been 'sitting' the exhibition and have been painting my small works. I've painted five little pieces this afternoon on rather a quiet day visitor-wise, including Storm at Largs - that was the last one for the day. More will be added to the blog starting from tomorrow.

Storm at Largs

The scene looks quite contrived with the skyline and wave line coming together in a point - but that's how it was on this stormy day at Largs Bay, Adelaide. The water was a grey-green and the sky changeable by the minute. I have painted several versions of this scene and this one was is more plein-air style.
Storm at Largs - acrylic on linen board - 8"x4"
$200 + $10 postage anywhere in the world.

Victor yachts

Late afternoon and a couple of yachts are heading back to the Victor Harbor Yacht Club. In the distance the coastline stretches toward the Coorong and clouds reflect the setting sun in the west.
Victor yachts - acrylic on linen board - 8"x4"
$200 + $10 postage anywhere in the world.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Burn-off near Kadina

I took photos of this burn-off over 3 years ago. The ground was extremely dry and the plume of smoke spectacular.
Burn-off near Kadina - acrylic on linen on board, 4"x8"

Beach east of Victor

Victor Harbor - the playground of South Australia has miles of beaches to the east stretching all the way to the Coorong. On some days the water is as blue green as some exotic beach on a South Pacific Island. A wonderful place to walk and play by the sea and of course to perch a beach house nearby!
Beach east of Victor - acrylic on linen on board, 4"x8"

Rain - North Tce, Adelaide

I didn't take the usual train home this night. It was raining and there were photos to be taken. I had done a circuit of Adelaide and it was nearly dark - the train station was not far away. I was about to cross King William St and saw the last light peeping through one of the trees that line the road. Sky, trees, cars, lights and reflections - I took a few shots and this little painting is the study of a larger one soon.
Rain - North Tce, Adelaide - acrylic on canvas board - 7"x5"
$150 + $10 postage anywhere in the world.

Rain - Waymouth St, Adelaide

When it's raining in Adelaide, chances are you will see some dodgy looking fellow taking photos of cars, umbrellas and traffic lights. Don't be too concerned - it will more than likely be me looking for reflections and light that will one day make an interesting painting. I was lucky this day. The painting here is a simplified one that worked very well. Not only did it make the people's choice award at a local art show but it was also bought as a wedding present at the same show.
Rain - Waymouth St, Adelaide - acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"
$150 + $10 postage anywhere in the world.

A view from Brighton

It wasn't a cold April evening, but cool enough to keep Brighton beach near Melbourne pretty well empty. The sun sank below the bay's horizon and the lights came on illuminating the famous beach boxes. To the north the lights of the city began to take effect in the growing darkness. It was an alluring scene and I took a fair share of photos.
A view from Brighton - acrylic on linen board - 4"x8"
$150 + $10 postage anywhere in the world.